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Stokely Carmichael on white liberals

Deleted scene from Memento Mori [originally found by]

Since that post I was called a whore, told my profile photo was whoreange, then some guy “defended”me by talking about how being a trashy and pouty redhead worked for me and he’d do me, and people have said “retarded” three times.

I just want a shirt that says, “Louis CK would agree with me.” You know these assholes would laugh at his jokes about white people.

These fucking assholes on the Dragon*Con page posted fucking… they’re cosplaying as Oberyn and Ellaria and wanted to know if using a lot of tanning spray to be more authentic was too much like black face… if you had to utter that goddamn question… fucking… literally every other house is House White People?!?!? You couldn’t find enough white characters you liked to fill a fucking four day convention?

And I am the asshole for being like, hey, if you’re white… cosplay white? And if you feel like maybe you’re approaching black face, trust that instinct… and this isn’t the same as if I said black people should only cosplay black because, I dont know, the history of the goddamn earth?

I just…