044. I always think about Leonardo DiCaprio when I brush my teeth.

not on purpose

043. I was in Junior Air Force ROTC.

Senior Airman. I was going to be promoted to Staff Sergeant by going to Cadet Camp, but my theater teacher told me she wouldn’t let me do both. Sometimes I regret giving it up.

I was Cadet of the Month, twice, which means I got to wear a beautiful blue and silver cord with my dress uniform. I went to the military ball three times.

Ribbons: Outstanding Airman, Outstanding Flight, Orienteering (activities), Superior Performance.

This was only one semester. I’m pretty cool.

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042. Sweating makes me really angry.

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041. As a child, the M*A*S*H theme (Suicide is Painless) used to make me cry uncontrollably. I eventually learned to hide my head under pillows until the episode actually started.

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040. My stepfather and I used to write notes to each other and sign them “Big Wing” and “Little Wing”, because of the Jimi Hendrix song.