Supernatural Spin Off Meme | 01/?

In the aftermath of the civil war between Castiel and Raphael, Heaven still bleeds while the earth is saved. The garrisons put in place by God in the dawn of Heaven have broken down and the cry of remaining soldiers in God’s armor mingle with the shattered echo of human prayer to deafen the original archangels. Two of God’s strongest generals and Heaven’s oldest companions, Suriyel (Sarah Paulson), of eternity and trembling, and Ramiel (Chiwetel Ejiofor), of the thunder of God, are both willing to take the place of their absent father, but can Heaven know peace under the struggle between a primordial angel of death and destruction and an angel made from God’s compassion who let his first 200 men fall to earth for love? Can souls still rest as they wage celestial war along the Axis Mundi? Will God return before his first children, the angels, master their own extinction?

Who Art In Heaven

…it reminds me of you

a playlist for building the cabin, for remembering, for grieving 

  • Twins || Gem Club
  • Flowers Bloom ||  High Highs
  • Are You Sleeping || Winterpills
  • Here Today || Paul McCartney
  • You || Keaton Henson
  • All I Want || Kodaline
  • No Way || The Naked & The Famous
  • Off I Go || Greg Laswell
  • Ghost In My House || Lucy Schwartz
  • In My Life || The Beatles

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—all nothing’s only our hugest home; 
the most who die,the more we live

you telling me there’s nothing to fight for… nothing to hope for?

& I hope for a trace to lead me back home from this place

but there was no sound, there was only me & my disgrace