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That last level is pretty fucking fantastic, let me tell you.

My favorite fandom graphic.

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I must be brave. Her torments would soon be ended, one way or the other. If Lady was here, I would not be afraid. Lady was dead, though; Robb, Bran, Rickon, Arya, her father, her mother, even Septa Mordane. All of them are dead but me. She was alone in the world now.

funknegg: "If it hadn't been called an abomination, would you've thought there was anything wrong with Bran permanently warging into Hodor and becoming the great knight he always wanted to be? I harbored that fantasy early on and thought that's where GRRM was headed until it got called an abomination in ADWD. Then I just felt like an a-hole. I know Hodor got scared the first time Bran did it, but maybe they could be in there together and Hodor could enjoy the adventures? let's just say I'm anti-tree bran."


It’s probably wrong to completely take over another person’s brain because you feel you’re more important whether or not it’s been referred to as an abomination, yeah.